Delivering Growth to SMEs

Bloom Consulting is a business growth consultant company which was first formed in 2016, specialising in work with SMEs in order to assist with the planning, development, and execution of growth.

Bloom Consulting works with managers and their dedicated teams in order to understand their core strengths, targeting the relevant growth prospects in relation to the current market.

Strategic Business

Strategic Business Growth

Working with SMEs and owner-managers to locate and support the implementation of growth strategies.

Research & Market

Research & Market Development

Working with SMEs to research and develop secure new sales access markets, as well as appointing new markets.

Marketing & Export

Marketing & Export Sales

Researching developing markets and sales patterns, as well as defining and implementing this within key developing markets.

Tendering & Bid

Tendering & Bid Management

Supporting SMEs in the development of tender and bid management

More Business Services

Bloom Consulting works with SMEs directly in order to assist with designing and implementing sustainable and scalable growth plans which build unique advantages in relation to the relevant products or services.

Bloom Consulting’s focus is firmly on SME growth in areas of strategy, company planning, marketing, sales strategy, market research, market development, and bid management.

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